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    January 2018 Digital


    Customer : Orange

    Areas of Expertise : Digital

    Accomplished tasks :  

    Orange solicited Hypee to acompany them to create a digital platform for its event & hospitality experts.
    The Hypee teams have had to design a website with two components. On the one hand, a website to communicate internally on the Group Events. And on the other hand, a digital management platform to facilitate the work of project managers in organizing their events.
    Hypee teams have ensured the coordination between the various stakeholders to garanty the harmony between the needs expressed by Orange and the technical team.

    For this service, we realized:

    • The management of graphical and ergonomic design of the website
    • The definition of the functional scope
    • The technical recipe
    • The definition of the editorial line and content
    • The communication plan and the internal coverage of the platform within the Group
    • The training of event experts on the use of the platform

    Annuel contract


    Digital management platform

    Website responsive

    Other achievements