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    January 2017 Event

    CAN 2017

    Customer : Orange

    Areas of Expertise : Event

    Accomplished tasks :  

    Orange has been a partner of the competition in Africa for years. Our mission was to accompany our client on the coordination of the project upstream as well as on the operational part in Gabon. The objective was to ensure the visibility of the brand and promote the group on-site thanks to :

    1. Support, advice and production of a receptive space in Libreville to welcome all guests (dinners, projection of games, virtual reality demos, e-sports tournament, …)
    2. Coordination of local teams for the distribution of goodies on all matches
    3. Decline of the concept “Orange Sponsors You” in all stadiums with the election of the “Fan of The Match” Orange
    4. Supervision of the sponsoring strategy with implementation of signboard on each match
    5. Realization of various support documents



    months of preparation

    from January 14th to February 5th


    Other achievements