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    February 2019 Digital


    Customer : Jubiles

    Areas of Expertise : Digital

    Accomplished tasks :  

    Jubiles’ ambition is to offer organic natural drinks that are tasty, simple to consume, and effective in preserving or improving our health. Jubiles manufactures two ranges of beverages (made in Paris): fruit and vegetable juices (70% vegetables & 30% fruit), ultra fresh, cold-extracted, unstabilized but also the Kombucha, a drink made from fermented tea with subtle flavor and many health benefits.

    As part of our Hyp’Start program, we are happy to accompany Jubiles in its communication through advice on their communication, digital and event strategy. We bring our expertise in the following areas:

    Social Media :

    Realization of a digital recommendation

    Development of a digital strategy

    6 months of digital support including the below:

    • Realization of editorial calendars
    • Programming of publications
    • Moderation
    • E-reputation
    • Facebook ads

    Influencer Marketing:

    Developing an influencer strategy

    Identification & talent selection

    Price negotiation

    Creation of campaigns & follow-up

    Analytics & reporting

    This project was realized within the communication agency of Paris.

    Months of digital support

    Digital recommendation

    Influencer strategy


    Other achievements