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    May 2017 Event

    MIPTV 2017

    Customer : Orange

    Areas of Expertise : Event

    Accomplished tasks :  

    Orange participated at MIPTV 2017 in Cannes from 3rd to 6th of Avril. An opportunity for the group to present, in a 580 sq ft space, their contests, their capacities networks and their technologic know-how though 4 poles of demonstration. At this occasion, we accompanied and counciled Orange about their global activation for this project, about the organisation of the space and about the installation of the demonstrations. Our mission was to deal with the operational managment of this event, with the strategic reflexion from the coordination and accompagment on site the D-day.


    Boulevard de la Croisette, Palais des festivals, Cannes

    3th au 6th
    April 2017

    month of preparation

    Other achievements