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    April 2018 Event

    Séries Mania 2018

    Customer : OCS

    Areas of Expertise : Event

    Accomplished tasks :  

    Our mission on this project was to support OCS, partner of the Festival, on the event and RP positioning and ensuring an operational presence.

    • Coordination of teams, services concerned (OCS, Orange, Orange Content, Orange Nord Pas-de-Calais management) and service providers
    • Public Relations Management (45 accredited people)
    • Animation with actors for the promotion of the series The Handmaid’sTail
    • Animation with the Official Throne of GoT
    • Content for Chill Spaces
    • Contenu pour les Espaces Chill
    • Content on the page dedicated to the festival – Page OCS fan
    • Follow-up of the creation, production and implementation of communication media (POS, Trailer, promotional items, advertising page)

    Month of preparation

    27 au 5
    May 2018

    50 000


    Other achievements